Hunt admits “bad Brexit” will hurt NHS: Lamb responds

The Liberal Democrats have seized on remarks by Jeremy Hunt in which he admits a ”bad Brexit” will damage the NHS.

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Health Secretary, said:

“The Conservative Brexiteers promised a £350m a week saving for the NHS. Instead the public finances are facing a £59bn Brexit black-hole because of Theresa May’s decision to go for an extreme Brexit, which would take us out of the single market.

“Jeremy Hunt warns that the NHS will not have enough doctors or nurses with a so-called ‘bad Brexit’. But Theresa May’s refusal to guarantee a right to remain for NHS staff has already resulted in staff leaving the NHS. Thanks to Theresa May, this is already a bad Brexit.

“Sadly, the people who will suffer are patients, who will pay with cancelled operations. But Theresa May just doesn’t seem to care.”

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