Paul Gray: A Fresh Start for Hayling Island

Born and bred on Hayling Island, Paul Gray is deeply invested in the well-being and prosperity of his home. Known for his relentless advocacy and genuine passion, Paul is dedicated to ensuring that our island not only thrives but also preserves its unique charm and character for future generations.

About Paul: As a true Islander, Paul Gray brings a lifetime of local knowledge and commitment to his role as a community leader. His professional experience as a business director complements his profound understanding of our local challenges, making him a strong advocate for sustainable development and inclusive community engagement.

Paul’s Vision for Hayling Island:

Paul’s leadership is centred around a robust plan to enhance Hayling Island’s future:

  • Ending Sewage Pollution: Paul is at the forefront of efforts to combat sewage pollution, advocating for stringent regulations to protect our beaches and marine life and ensure our waters are clean for future generations.
  • Supporting Local Business and Economic Growth: Paul recognizes the importance of a vibrant local economy and actively supports small businesses and entrepreneurs, facilitating initiatives that drive economic resilience and prosperity.
  • Promoting Sustainable Development: Committed to development that respects our environment, Paul champions infrastructure projects that are environmentally sustainable and meet the growing needs of our community.
  • Enhancing Environmental Protections: From reducing plastic pollution to improving recycling processes, Paul leads by example in promoting environmental sustainability and protecting our natural heritage.
  • Championing Social Equity: Understanding the pressures facing hard-working families, Paul advocates for policies that relieve financial burdens and ensure every Islander can thrive.
  • Securing a Bright Future: Now part of the coalition cabinet, Paul is poised to champion Hayling Island’s needs like never before. This new beginning marks an end to previous neglect, with Paul ready to secure the best deals and resources for our community.
  • Preserving Our Cultural Heritage: Paul is passionate about celebrating and preserving Hayling Island’s rich history and traditions, including reviving the Hayling Carnival to celebrate our island spirit and promote local businesses and tourism.
  • Boosting Tourism: As a beautiful coastal community, Paul promotes and protects our tourism industry, ensuring Hayling Island remains a premier destination for visitors.

Join Us: Paul Gray invites every Islander to join in these efforts to safeguard and enhance our community. Your support and involvement are crucial to our collective success.

Connect with Paul: To learn more about how you can contribute to these initiatives or to get in touch with Paul, please contact:


Together, let’s embrace a future where Hayling Island thrives—ecologically, economically, and socially.