Paul Gray for Fareham & Waterlooville

Meet Paul Gray, A Visionary Leader for Fareham & Waterlooville

Councillor Paul Gray is your Liberal Democrat candidate for Fareham & Waterlooville, committed to transformative change in our community. Recognised by the Progressive Alliance as the strongest contender to unseat Suella Braverman, Paul’s campaign embodies unity, transparency, and progressive values.

About Paul: Paul Gray is not just a politician; he’s a local leader with deep roots in Waterlooville. As a business director, Paul combines strong leadership with a profound understanding of our local economy. His dedication to the community is evident in every aspect of his campaign.

Paul’s Vision for Fareham & Waterlooville:

Paul envisions a constituency united under responsible, empathetic leadership that addresses real community needs. His policies focus on health, the economy, and the environment, putting local people at the heart of decision-making.

Key Campaign Priorities:

  1. Health
  • Social Care: Paul is dedicated to improving social care services, ensuring that the elderly and vulnerable receive the support they need with dignity and respect.
  • GPs and Dentists: Addressing the shortage of GPs and dentists, Paul plans to improve access to primary care services, reducing waiting times and ensuring everyone can receive timely medical and dental care.
  • NHS: Paul is committed to protecting the NHS from privatisation and ensuring it remains free and accessible to all. He aims to increase funding and resources to ensure high-quality healthcare for every resident.
  1. Economy
  • Cost of Living Crisis: Paul recognises the pressures on families due to rising living costs. He advocates for policies that will ease financial burdens and support those struggling with bills and everyday expenses.
  • Housing Crisis: Tackling the housing crisis is a top priority. Paul supports building affordable housing that goes hand in hand with responsible infrastructure development. This means creating communities where housing development is matched with the necessary infrastructure, such as schools, healthcare facilities, and transport links, ensuring sustainable growth and quality of life for all residents.
  • Revitalisation: Paul aims to revitalise the local economy by supporting small businesses, creating jobs, and fostering a vibrant community that thrives on local enterprise and innovation. This also includes revitalising our town centres, transforming them into bustling hubs of activity with thriving shops, cafes, and community spaces that bring people together and boost the local economy.
  1. Environment
  • Sewage: Paul pledges to combat sewage pollution in our rivers and seas, holding those responsible to account and ensuring clean water for our community.
  • Climate Crisis: Addressing the climate crisis is urgent. Paul advocates for robust climate policies that reduce emissions, promote renewable energy, and ensure a sustainable future.
  • Pollution (Plastics and Microplastics): Paul is dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, particularly microplastics, which harm our environment and health. He supports initiatives to reduce plastic use and increase recycling efforts.

Why Paul Gray?

Paul Gray represents a fresh, accountable, and progressive alternative to the divisive politics we’ve seen in recent years. Paul is poised to offer responsible, empathetic leadership that truly addresses the needs of our community.

Join us in supporting Paul Gray – a candidate who stands for unity, accountability, and a brighter future for Fareham & Waterlooville.

Published & promoted by Tiggy Ayoub on behalf of Paul Gray, both at First Floor, Unit E, Bar End Industrial Estate, Bar End Rd SO23 9NP Winchester for the Fareham & Waterlooville Liberal Democrats